Offers and Promotions

Here you can see details of any offers that I’m currently running and details of the terms and conditions of each offer. I like to change things up, so be sure to take advantage of an offer while you can, else check back regularly for updated offers.

To take advantage of any offers and promotions please get in contact with me via my Facebook, or email me at

Referral Scheme

The referral scheme is a simple offer where by if a new student is referred to me by a current student then the current student is eligible for a free 1hour lesson.

The terms of this offer: A. The new starter must have 4 paid lessons before you can claim your free one. B. You can use this lesson however you wish; as a way to get an extra lesson, or to cover the cost of your normal lesson. C. The free lesson time may not be split up – it must be redeemed all at once.